The New School, Tishman Auditorium || Friday, October 13, 6pm Reception + 7pm screening
Chimera Experiments
A science-driven anthology film featuring chapters from ten visionary filmmakers and stories from the most influential scientists of our time.
MOSAIC - First Look
Miryam Charles, Josephine Decker, Alexis Gambis, Barry J Gibb, Ian Harnarine, Noah Hutton, Demelza Kooij, Jeannette Louie, Rachel Mayeri, Sally Warring | 89 min | United States, United Kingdom, Trinidad, Haiti, United Arab Emirates | 2017


Mosaic explores evolution in its natural and artificial forms — the deliberate and random modifications of an organism. As a mixed genre, science-driven anthology film, Mosaic is the first of its kind featuring ten visionary, international filmmakers and stories from the most influential scientists of our time.

Preceded by the presentation of Symbiosis Participants
With Directors in attendance!

Please join us for a reception before the screening at 6 pm.
Tickets are $8 in advance, $12 at the door.
Time and location:

Friday, October 13 | 6 pm reception, 7 pm screening
The New School, Tishman Auditorium
66 5th Ave, Room N101, New York, 10003

The Mask Task
- Josephine Decker

With documentary audio material and Butoh dance, the multi-age performers are invited to take shapes, organize themselves in nightmare poses and free-form improvisations and create moving tapestries that allow our audience to create its own interpretation of the mysteries of human emotion, stress and fear.

Orfeo Nel Canale Alimentare - Rachel Mayeri

In this animated opera, Orpheus attempts to rescue Eurydice from a bout of indigestion by crossing the river of her inner-under world. But in the alimentary canal there are no heroes, only the multitudes.

Insān - Alexis Gambis

A young man with a sttutter shares with us the story of the first speaking Arabian Oryx "Mozaik" that changed the course of his life and for that matter the future of humankind.

Random Legal Move - Noah Hutton

For years Clarice has kept her father's work hidden, as she works a menial job at the local rec center. But after a renowned neuroscientist makes her a tempting offer, Clarice must make a decision whether to guard his secret or give the last piece of her father's genius away.

Lichen - Sally Warring

The journey of the Fungus on its hunt for the perfect Algal mate punctuated by events that occur in the Lichen lifecycle.

The Fortress - Miryam Charles

Four days after being declared dead, a young girl miraculously find a way to communicate with her mother leading her to find a way save her. With the help of a mad scientist, she and her husband will embark a journey to Haïti.

Caroni - Ian Harnarine

An immigrant in New York tries to become a Scarlet Ibis (Eudocimus ruber) bird, so that she can travel back to the Caribbean for her child's birthday party.

Mother, a fairy tale - Barry J Gibb

How far would you go to get what you want? In the near future, Jill is a rare survivor in a world nature tore apart, a woman whose powerful maternal urges are thwarted by a scarcity of men.

Realm of An Inner Child - Jeannette Louie

In a tale about fetal microchimerism, a woman experiences the persistent loss of her child who died in utero many years earlier. Her sadness is eased by the knowledge of their molecular bond as the child's fetal cells were absorbed by her body and a microchimera was created. During a brief interlude, they share a discourse that reveals their enduring physiological attachment.

The Breeder - Demelza Kooij

Always wanted an extra fluffy rabbit, a dog on two legs, or a legless cat? Dr Schönbacher's new app makes it easy for you to design and order your own!
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