Rubin Museum of art || Friday, October 13, 9:30PM
Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction
An auditory odyssey into places of vanishing biodiversity.
Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction
Nika Šaravanja & Alessandro d'Emilia, Italy, 2016, 60 min


In the Ecuadorian Amazon, researcher and eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi (also the film's writer) seeks to capture incredibly detailed 3D soundscapes as vital documents of a rain forest with among the highest biodiversities in the world. This is film as immersive auditory travelogue, seeking the voices of species whose calls may all too soon fall silent due to habitat loss and other anthropocene effects.

Co-presented with the Rubin Museum of Art and their World of Sound series. With David Monacchi and director Alessandro d'Emilia in attendance!
Time and location:

Friday, October 13, 9:30pm
Rubin Museum of Art
150 W 17th St, New York, 10011


Dusk Chorus (Nika Šaravanja, Alessandro D'Emilia, Italy, 62 min)
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